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A night well spent, through sixth grade eyes

This is one of the many articles slated to appear in the Friday, February 14th issue of the sixth grade newspaper, 100% reported, written and photographed by sixth graders. more on this project

On Sunday night, were you sitting on the couch doing your homework at the last second while also watching your favorite show on Netflix? 

Well, while you were doing that, over two hundred and thirty people from the Gordon School were at United Skates of America, roller skating, playing games and laughing with their friends.


We interviewed some people about what they thought of it. This is some of what they said:

“I thought it was fun”

“I liked it because I got to do a new activity with my friends”

“It was fun! A bunch of my friends were there and I won a lot of tickets”

You could tell just by looking at their flushed faces and hands full of prizes that everyone had a great time.       


More on the skating party from Gordon's Instagram, here, here and here

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