A new wave of hope

In front of the school this morning, a tradition resumed.


For the first time since last March, fourth graders raised the flag.


It's a privilege, and also a service they provide, as leaders of the Lower School.


Across the building, consulting physician Dr. Jen Friedman was talking to Middle School about the COVID vaccine.


She praised students for the sacrifices they have made to keep their communities safe.


She promised them, "help is on the way."


In classrooms, students talked about the Constitution and the rule of law, the differences between facts and rumors, and the community activism that impacted recent elections.


These days are cold but the sun is staying up longer.

There's a new wave of hope in the air.

Yes, that is Emily Elder '12 in these photos. She's working in fourth grade this winter, on of a long list of recent alumni who have worked as teaching assistants or after school staff the year; others include Anna Burnham Misurelli '02, TRP '13, Jeremy Garcia ‘08, Blake Johnson ‘11, Emily Mungovan ‘12, Sophie Jackson ’12, August Kahn ’12 and Morgan Monteiro ’13.

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