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The Gordon School

Acknowledging history

The Narragansett and Pokanoket people were the original inhabitants and enduring stewards of these lands

We acknowledge the peoples of the Narragansett and Pokanoket Nations as the original inhabitants and enduring stewards of the lands and waters upon which Gordon School is located.

Let us commit to reconciling and partnering with all Indigenous peoples whose lands and waters we benefit from today.

Adapted from Roger Williams University Land Acknowledgement and from Loren Spears’ A Guide for Land Acknowledgements.


The history of what happened to the Narragansett and Pokanoket people in this land and other Indigenous peoples in the world is one that has been hidden and distorted over the course of time. A land acknowledgement is a gesture to encourage us all to seek to tell the whole story and include voices that were previously excluded. It is a way to remind us to strive to bravely face the facts of this history, no matter how painful, and give a truthful account of the past leading to a better understanding of our connection to each other.

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