A homecoming for the classes of 2000 to 2009

above: Alex Unger '03 and Carlin O'Donnell '03 combing through the vintage yearbooks, classroom newsletters, research papers and Civil Rights Trip scrapbooks that filled the Commons

Last Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving, dozens of alumni from the classes of 2000 to 2009 returned to campus for a joyful reunion.


above: Gordon parents Amelie Tartaglione and Jason Tartaglione '00 with Head of School Noni Thomas López

For many, it was their first time back since key changes to campus like the Wales Theater and the Britt Nelson Dining Hall. Reconnecting came quickly, though, as familiar faces filled the Commons and memories were sparked by hundreds (!) of photos and mementos placed strategically throughout the room.


above: Gillian Lang '01, Courtney Barker-DeStefano '01, Caroline Goddard '01, Molly Pieri '01, Sidra Scharff '01 and Maura Kelly Wieler '01 explore the class of 2001's time capsule. Molly holds the dessicated rubber chicken from Mr. Dorsey's classroom

Faculty and staff from throughout the 2000s were in attendance, as well, some still at Gordon, others returning just for the occasion. For them, it was a thrill to see how quickly, and eagerly, their former students reconnected with one another, and conversations with alumni spouses and partners revealed how important the Gordon experience remains in the lives of graduates.


above: librarian Frances Martindale with Morgan Rainey '08 and Hannah Rooks '08

The night was bigger, and longer, than anyone expected, with alumni touring the halls, leaving surprises in their former classrooms, and giving the bell tower one last ring on their way out of the building (apologies to the neighbors).


above: Joshua Najjar-Rulin '09, Geoff Cicatiello '09, Freddy Widmer '09, Alex Gim-Fain '09, Zaryah Guyton '09, Sheza Iqbal '09, Rebecca Bendheim '09 and Ellie Myers '09 pose after leaving greetings on Mr. Carson's whiteboard

More of Janet Moscarello's photos from the evening

And: vintage photos from the slideshow that played throughout the evening


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