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A green new year

Next steps for sustainability begin in January

Gordon’s sustainability efforts have been in high gear this year, with the climate change symposium serving as a visible highlight, but also including dozens of other, more low-key efforts.

Now, for the new year, plans are in place for three major initiatives.


In the new year, Gordon will begin working with an outside vendor to collect and compost food waste generated on campus.

In the days after the symposium, students had many conversations about next steps. In many classrooms, especially in the fourth grade, this energy was channeled into campaigns of persuasive letterwriting directed at school leadership.

The lunch program was the focus of much of the energy, and students were inspired by Bootstrap Composting, one of the symposium guests, and their approach to handling food waste.

We’re pleased to announce that this work, which combined literacy, science and advocacy, has led to systemic change here at Gordon.

Lunch redesign January retreat

Composting is simply one next step in the re-imagining of Gordon’s lunch program, a project that began last summer.

Gordon’s strategic vision calls for “a lunch program that fosters a resilient and sustainable local ecosystem by supporting local farmers and serving students fresh, healthy, delicious food.” This year, Gordon has been finding partners and developing facilities so that a program that meets this vision can launch in September 2023.

It’s time for parents and caregivers to join in the conversation about re-imagining lunch. Dr. Thomas López and Mr. Cicatiello invite parents and caregivers to participate in a series of planning sessions on Wednesday, January 4th, Thursday, January 5th and Friday, January 6th.

All are welcome. Details on these meetings, and an RSVP form, are at


Gordon Green Team

Gordon is forming a Green Team as a working committee that would meet monthly and partner with the Leadership Team, faculty and students to plan and implement strategies to reduce, repair, reuse, rot and recycle our way to a sustainable campus.

All parents and caregivers are welcome, and members to do not need to attend every meeting in order to contribute.

Indicate your interest with the form at

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