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A fresh look at a familiar place

Second graders begin connecting Gordon’s campus with the rest of the world

On Friday, second grade went outside to take a fresh look at Gordon’s stream.

The goal was to explore the entires stream: familiar first twists and turns, but also the marshier second half beyond the Middle School.

It’s the first step in a study that will last the rest of the year. 

What are the differences between the two halves of the stream? 

Which half is more natural? 

Which half needs more human care and attention? 

How can Gordon students use the whole stream, responsibly and thoughtfully? 

Step one on Friday was exploring and mapping the current state of the back half of the stream.

But students could not resist getting a little dirty and collecting some of the litter that they found.

Students knew that that the stream leads to the bay.

But Friday was their first real view of that journey.

It’s a journey that connects Gordon’s campus to entire Narragansett ecosystem.

And connects the students’ stewardship of their little stream to their responsibility to the rest of the world.

Flashback to the day third grade traced the stream’s route all the way to the bay, with links to other ways second and third grade steward Gordon’s wetlands.

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