A family chooses Gordon

One of the quieter stories on campus this year has been the pair of ducks who live on campus.

Students look for them on the pond each morning, and early arrivers also see them walking across the front circle, traveling between the pond and the Early Childhood courtyard.

One duck is male and the other is female, and any student with even the vaguest understanding of animal reproduction has been wondering if they would start a family.

Early this week, wishes came true as Young Kindergarten discovered three eggs hidden deep within the bushes outside their classroom door.

Young Kindergarten is feeling incredibly proud, and protective. 

So are the adults of the community.


This year, Gordon has pushed its amazing campus to the limit, and students have had to face some tough questions about their own impact on the nature that surrounds them.

And yet, a duck family has spontaneously choose to start a family here.

They found a space at Gordon's busy front door that feels safe and inviting to them.

That's a powerful testament to this community's ability to steward our campus, to take care of one another, and to welcome young visitors from every species.

It's been an amazing year. Thank you, duck family, for spending it with us.

Note: the duck eggs are extremely well-hidden and can barely be seen without actively rummaging through the garden. Young Kindergarteners have been able to restrain themselves and resist poking around among the plants. Visitors to the courtyard should follow their lead and maintain a respectful distance. Yes, there really are eggs under there, and, often, a duck.

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