A conversation from space

A Gordon sixth grader has a very good excuse to leave early tomorrow - he's got a 2:30 appointment with Jessica Meir, who is currently orbiting the earth on the international space station. 

His question for Meir, about how the human circulatory system ages in space, was selected for a live Q&A session with the space station happening at Brown University tomorrow. He'll get to ask his question directly, via a live video link with Meir aboard the spacecraft.

The entire session, A Conversation from Space, will be streamed live online for all the world to see. Here is more on the event and here is the livestream link

And yes, that is the same sixth grader who connected with Brown theoretical physicist Dr. Sylvester Gates in January. link

And yes, that is the same astronaut who participated in the first all-female spacewalk in October, which Gordon's Preschool watched live online. link


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