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Building on King's legacy

above: the full video that Dan Yorke used to introduce his interview with Gianna Paratore '17 and Middle School Director Lynn Bowman on WPRO 630AM today.
Thanks to the Dan Yorke Show for including Gordon as part of their Martin Luther King, Jr. Day coverage. hear the full audio

Gianna Paratore '17 and Middle School Director Lynn Bowman went on the air at WPRO radio to discuss Gordon's annual Civil Rights Trip.

The show sought to highlight some of Rhode Island's present-day efforts to continue Dr. King's work, and Gianna and Lynn were honored to follow local activist and performer Valerie Tutson.
photo: Gianna Paratore '17, second from the right, and her Gordon classmates meeting with current-day activists at Bryan Stevenson's Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama.

On Friday, the conversation in the Middle School continues with the second of three daylong teach-ins scheduled for this year. For this teach-in, students will meet in mixed-grade groups to learn from one another about contemporary social justice issues, including a workshop on Islamaphobia created and led by this year's eighth grade.

These lessons are echoed through the younger grades as well. Kindergarters' Martin Luther King Day work should be on display in shared space this week; see their work from last year.

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