Bringing out the best in each other

Gordon's Middle School students know that the younger children are watching them, every day.

That helps make leaders out of the older students.

That inspires great work from the younger ones.

In a note to parents today, green group Preschool's teacher explained how this dynamic pulled a joyful, student-driven production out of her class this week:

Hello Preschool Families,

This amazing class inspired me to be the best teacher I can be - creative, passionate, and energetic! So it should be no surprise to me that we finish the year with a bang... a Preschool play!

It all started with the eighth graders! The curiosity of who they were, how they are so big, etc. Then there was that one day when we shared the field with them at outside play. Your children had so many questions for the big kids, but they were so nervous to go up to them and ask: What is your name? and the biggest curiosity of them all: Did you come to Gordon when you were in Preschool?
Finally, one day, they got the courage, and the excitement grew every time we had the field: "I hope we see those eighth graders!"  So when they saw that the eighth graders were doing a play, of course my Preschoolers wanted to follow in their shoes! As I watched them in the classroom do their own pretend plays with each other... that's how "Giraffes Can't Dance" came about! 

Your Preschoolers were so excited to do this play. They were so involved. Most of the props, some dances and the moon on the wall were all their ideas that they either found or made by themselves. They had me busy up to the last minute before recording. I was cutting out violins for each cricket!

So I hope you enjoy your little actors and actresses performing in Giraffes Can't Dance, based on the book by Giles Andreae:

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