Best Grandfriends' day ever

The timing of this year's Grandfriends' Day was perfect.

Each year, Kindergarten green group tends to eggs that hatch caterpillars that then become chrysalises and, eventually, butterflies.

This year, the butterflies were ready to release on Grandfriends' Day.

It's always a bittersweet moment, as the students realize that, by recognizing their pets' growth, they're also saying goodbye to them.

This year, these Kindergartener's elders got to join the students for this rite of passage, shouting wishes at the butterflies as they made their first flight.

At Gordon's annual Grandfriends' Day, students share their classroom worlds with extended family members.

Over four hundred and twenty parents, uncles, cousins, caregivers, and family friends as well as grandparents made today one of the busiest Grandfriends' Days ever.

The theme of relationships was present in every conversation, from Mr. Wales's moving remarks at the beginning of the day... the seventh grade's re-creation of the periodic table of elements (organized, of course, by families).

One of the most dramatic expressions of community will remain on display throughout the rest of the year.

Family Kaleidoscope, a large-scale fabric installation in Gordon's Commons, was created this spring by Brooke Erin Goldstein, this year's Britt Nelson Visiting Artist.

She engaged every student, age three to fourteen, in the process.

Like the scene at every Grandfriends' Day, the result is a lively, multi-layered work that rewards careful observation.

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