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The Gordon School

Gordon today

Stories from Gordon's campus, and beyond, updated hundreds of times throughout the year.

A monster story

Tears, joy, literacy basics, beginner's math, and all the colors of the rainbow

Acknowledging history

The Narragansett and Pokanoket people were the original inhabitants and enduring stewards of these lands

Go Gators!

Middle School athletics off to a roaring start

¡Muy bien!

Checking in with Young Kindergarten

All night long

First-ever (?) on-campus overnight brings eighth grade together

Welcome back

Faculty and staff return to Maxfield Avenue

Go Wildcats!

Seventh graders led cheers at drop off this morning

Best day ever

Parade, dance party celebrating Britt Nelson Visiting Artist


The blog archives go back over fifteen years, telling the story of a school that is constantly growing and changing in pursuit of a lively and vital mission. Have fun exploring!

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