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The Gordon School

Gordon today

Stories from Gordon's campus, and beyond, updated hundreds of times throughout the year.

Legends of Gordon

Seventh graders write the origin stories for 45 Maxfield Avenue

Happy new year

Hundreds of moments from Gordon's fields and classrooms

Gordon votes

Lessons for living in the democratic process 

Dear Class of 2035

Today was the first day of an adventure that will change the world

A peek into the future

A key step towards integrating sustainable agriculture, nutrition, justice and community-building into daily life at Gordon

Field Day 2023

Fun, together, outdoors: Gordon's most enduring tradition

Carnival 2023

A community celebration with leadership opportunities for everyone

Preparing for takeoff

Service learning gives eighth graders a running start as they head off to change the world

Alumni impact

Measuring the impact of a school by the role it plays in the lives of graduates.

This is the way

Fifth and sixth grade at the forge with this year's Britt Nelson Visiting Artist


The blog archives go back over fifteen years, telling the story of a school that is constantly growing and changing in pursuit of a lively and vital mission. Have fun exploring!

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