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Connecting history with headlines

Dozens of connections are emerging between the work happening in eighth grade classrooms and larger conversations happening locally and nationally. 

Gordon leaves its mark on Providence

There was a strong showing from the Gordon family today as Farm Fresh Rhode Island celebrated a milestone in the construction of their new facility in Providence.

Joy, hard work and theoretical physics

Theoretical physicist Dr. Sylvester J. Gates won over the crowd at today's Middle School meeting when he began: "I am having more fun now than when I was sixteen. Do you want to know why?"

Gordon graduates in the top ten

Gordon is proud to have over one hundred and twenty-five graduates attending the top ten public and private high schools in Rhode Island, as ranked in a report based on data from Niche.com.

Open for business

After a hard day of playing and learning, this is the kind of work that Gordon's Gators tackle after school, every day through 5:30pm

The 2020 art show

The art show is up all week, 7:15am to 5:30pm, in the Wales Theater. Today's opening reception was full of surprises. 

Green campuses and healthy minds

The American Psychiatric Association is sharing research that demonstrates that green space around schools is directly associated with reduced ADHD symptoms.

When every voice joins in

Today's winter assembly hit the perfect balance for a school that works to ensure that every student feels valued and every voice can be heard.

Living history

Thank you to Andreas Algava, Gordon grandparent and author of the recently published Six Hundred Days in Hiding. He came to Gordon today to share the story of his family, Jews living in Nazi-occupied Greece, as the eighth grade begins their study of the Holocaust.

Gordon graduates are everywhere

Two moments from Middle School meeting, with a jawdropping ukulele medley and a look at how Gordon builds leaders


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