Educate Modern Learners for a Modern World

Gordon will lead the next era of education innovation. We courageously embrace the opportunities and challenges of learning in a fast-paced world that is simultaneously more connected and disconnected than ever. We will break down the barriers between disciplines and expand opportunities for our students to direct their own learning. Gordon will continue to demonstrate that diversity, equity, and inclusion are hallmarks of educational excellence. We will graduate intellectual leaders who are courageous and compassionate, and who depart Gordon with a fierce desire to create a more just and sustainable world.



Design academic schedules for each division that enhance collaboration, interdisciplinary connection, and reflection.

Grow opportunities for students to solve real-world problems by creating a Nursery to eighth grade STEAM curricular strand centered in sustainability and social justice.

Continue to examine our student assessment methods, like homework, to ensure our approaches reflect our progressive philosophy and instructional approach.

Build up Pathways and our middle school academic support services to more adequately support the neurodiversity of all learners.

Expand Spanish instruction to Early Childhood and integrate the Spanish language more deeply into the life and culture of Gordon.

Create beautiful, flexible, and sustainable spaces to enhance experiential and project-based learning.

Broaden and deepen parent programming to strengthen Gordon’s partnership with families in the education process