Education with impactNursery through eighth grade
Gordon School

Tuition and fees


Early Childhood

Nursery: 3 mornings, 8:15-11:45am $10,470
Nursery, Preschool: 5 mornings, 8:15-11:45am $17,410
Nursery: additional morning, 8:15-11:45am
Nursery, Preschool: one extended morning, Monday-Thursday, 11:45am-1pm $895
Nursery, Preschool: additional afternoon, Monday-Thursday, 1:00-3:15pm $1,610
Young Kindergarten, 8:15am-1:00pm $20,980
Young Kindergarten: additional afternoon, Monday-Thursday, 1:00-3:15pm $1,610
Nursery, Preschool, Young Kindergarten: 5 full days, 8:15am-3:15pm $27,430
Kindergarten: 5 full days, 8:15am-3:15pm $29,880
Friday Dismissal in Early Childhood: 11:45am  

Lower School

First grade through fourth grade $29,880

Middle School

Fifth grade $32,000
Sixth grade through eighth grade $32,960

Friday dismissal in Lower and Middle School: 2:00pm

Required Fees 

Annual fee $520

Field trips and class trips (first through sixth grade) up to $400
Field trips and class trips (seventh and eighth grades) $300-$600
Tuition refund insurance (required for new families)
of tuition

Required Deposits

Security deposit $400
Payable upon entrance, refundable upon graduation

Optional Fees

Accident insurance $14
Daily lunch Early Childhood prices announced in August
Daily lunch first grade to eighth grade prices announced in August

Athletic equipment and clothing up to $250
There is no charge to participate in interscholastic sports
This fee estimates the costs of equipment, clothing, etc.

Individual academic support (by referral only) approximately $65 per session

All families are eligible to participate in a monthly payment plan administered through Gordon’s Business Office. Families may choose a plan that spreads the payments over a ten-month period beginning in May. A family may also choose to pay 60% of their balance by July 1st and 40% by December 1st. For questions about payment plans, please don’t hesitate to contact the Admission Office at 401-434-3833 or
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