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A look at the after school season

Every student from third to eighth grade is encouraged to participate in after school theater. Everyone is included; all who would like a part are cast.

Each child's contribution to the whole is honored, and every student from fourth grade on will be given at least one 'spotlight' moment (lines, singing solo, piece of stage business, etc).

Behind-the-scenes (set and technical crew) work is valued, celebrated and child-driven.

Each participant will sign a 'commitment statement' at the beginning of each production, which both signifies that participation is a privilege and specifies expectations of conduct.

Rehearsals run for a period of between six and nine weeks in each of the three seasons. Middle School generally rehearses Monday through Thursday with not all actors called for every rehearsal, and Lower School generally rehearses two days a week, with some added days for fourth grade.

Rehearsals run from dismissal until 5:00 PM until production week.

Middle School theater

Fall after school
Fall play

Spring after school
In May, Middle School will present its annual musical.

Spring after school
For seven years, Gordon has participated in the multi-school project called Shakespeare In The City, which performed last years at VETS. Rehearsals will be held in a concentrated two or three week period in May.

During the school day
As curriculum develops over the upcoming year, there will be additional opportunities for students, including: theater electives, a two-day Shakespeare residency by Brown-Trinity MFA students, and casual, evening 'open mic' get togethers.

Third and fourth grade theater
This year the third and fourth grade’s performance will be in February, with rehearsals beginning in January.

Milly Romanzi
Director of Fine and Performing Arts

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