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Welcome to Gordon's Online Learning Community

The campus is closed but Gordon is open

Since April 1st, students, parents and faculty have been coming together in Gordon's Online Learning Community.

It's a coordinated effort on many fronts, working to keep everyone connected and learning during this crisis.

Students from age three to fourteen have been learning in online classes that include daily Zoom meetings with peers and teachers, offline lessons and activities, and projects that include arts, music and movement as well as literacy, math and science. More on this work on Gordon's blog

Extracurricular activities have rebooted online, as well: Middle School athletics and the musical are underway, free after school activities are drawing in younger students, and the community is coming together for events like the Open Mic. More on after school programs

Parents, caregivers and extended family members have been essential parts of this community. Through surveys, emails, and weekly meetings with teachers and administrators, their input has been crucial, and they have been critical parts of online learning and community-building this spring, fueling #Stayathome Soccer School, the readaloud library and appreciations and activities that have happened across the state.

Meanwhile, members of the Gordon family have been finding dozens of ways to respond to their local and global communities, with the compassion and creativity that the Gordon family brings to everything they do. More on Gordon's impact on the larger community during this crisis


For current Gordon families
Your guide to the Online Learning Community includes links to the Commons and after school programs as well as the basics of day-to-day learning in this community.

For families beginning at Gordon in September
Families who are beginning at Gordon in the fall are invited explore the Commons -, password commons - for resources and activities taken straight out of the Online Learning Community. They can also review the Beginners' Guide to Gordon. Gordon's social media is full of daily updates from the Online Learning Community, and all of these posts are collected each week in the Thursday night emails. More on social media and emails in the "Connecting" section of the Beginners' Guide.

For families considering Gordon
The Admissions Office is always interested in hearing from families who are interested in joining the Gordon community. To begin the conversation, please visit

For friends and alumni
The Gordon community has had a strong response to the COVID-19 crisis. Meet some of the helpers (and share your own story), and find out how you can support this community.