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Dream big!

Ten ways to make a major impact

This year's Dream Big items include a variety of ways to invest in Gordon's outstanding faculty and students. 

Sand and Water Spectacular 
Gift needed: $3,500
This sand and water play structure will be the center of hours of collaboration, play and exploration on Gordon's Early Childhood playground. more on this item

Sponsor a student at one of Gordon's summer camps for two weeks
Gift needed: $700
This summer, Gordon launches a number of camps including a two-week STEM camp in collaboration with Providence Community Boating. Providing this experience to a student needing financial assistance would help to strengthen the program and is in line with Gordon’s mission. Gordon’s financial aid office will award this opportunity to a qualified student. 

Rigamajig Jr.
Gift needed: $350
This oversized wooden construction set lets students solve challenges collaboratively, by combining ropes, gears, pulleys and wheels in endless ways. Gordon has two Rigamajigs set in Lower School now; sponsor one for the Early Childhood IDEA Lab. more on this item

Cultural competency research for seventh grade
Gift needed: $4,000
The National Education Association defines "cultural competence" as "an awareness of one’s own cultural identity, and the ability to build on the varying cultural and community norms of students and their families." The modern language department will research ways to build this twenty-first century skill into their curriculum, including an off campus experience for seventh grade students.

Building a model United Nations program
Gift needed: $2,500
Help  Middle School faculty research and develop and exciting model United Nations program for students. This gift will allow faculty to observe programs at other schools, visit the United Nations, and buy materials to start a program at Gordon. 

Talking Circle Training for Middle School faculty
Gift needed: $1,200
Send four teachers to Talking Circle Training Center for Restorative Justice at Suffolk University. This training will support students, in advisories and grade-wide, as they work on active listening, empathy, collaboration and conflict resolution. 

Playwright in Residence
Gift needed: $2,500
Help Gordon in the continuing search for appropriate, mission-related, high-quality source by commissioning a work especially for the Gordon stage. Last year, Gordon's strong connection with the Brown/Trinity MFA program brought students the unique experience of working with a young playwright. The result was a wonderful third and fourth grade musical production, which was then performed with a broader community at Trinity Rep's Young Actor's Summer Institute.

Send a class to a live theatrical, music or dance performance
Gift needed: $1,500
When students experience live performance, they enrich their lives, support local arts organizations, and become more informed citizens of the world. When Gordon students travel off campus to see a performance as a group, it gives them a shared experience that gives them a common frame of reference that informs their work back on campus.

Teaching Heritage Language learners
Gift needed: $500
Send one of Gordon’s Modern Language teachers to a weeklong summer workshop focused on teaching Spanish as a Heritage Language. Heritage languages are languages other than English that are spoken in homes, communities and extended families. Gordon's Heritage Language learners use, learn and expand on their knowledge in a weekly class. This workshop will help Gordon continue to embrace its vibrant community of multilingual families.
Purchase new uniforms for an athletic team
Gift needed:  $1,000
Gordon's athletic teams represent our school at home and around the state. Support the athletic department by purchasing a set of new uniforms so our teams continue to look their very best in competition.  Go Gators!

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