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A look at day-to-day life in the school, and the ways Gordon touches the community that surrounds it.


Plays well with others

The spirit of recess in Middle School
Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Middle School boys have a lacrosse game after school this afternoon.
At recess this morning, there's Middle School tetherball,


Middle School football,


Middle School basketball,


Middle School pickle,
Middle School balance beam,


Middle School foursquare,
Middle School cartwheels,


Middle School tag (in a game that has been going since September),
Middle School yo-yo,


Middle School modified swings,
Middle School four-person-reverse-bobsled.
Every day, it is like this.
Every day, the students organize their own games.


Every day, something new happens.
Gordon's twelve-acre campus gets heavy use from all ages at two recesses every day.
For some, it's been eight years since they've graduated from the Kindergarten playground.
They still know how to play well together.


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