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Test flight

Kindergarten engineers are learning to fly
Friday, May 19, 2017
In the Early Childhood IDEA Lab, these five-year-olds have been building flying machines all spring.

Their creations have included parachutes, hoop gliders, and kites.

As a grand finale, they took their paper airplanes out for few test flights.

Also in the category of Kindergarten winged things: they have grown butterflies from caterpillars, and chicks from eggs.

In the coming years, they’ll have a chance to explore the physics of sailboats at the STEM Sailing Camp. more on camps

They will build wind turbines in fifth grade.

As eighth graders, they will design and launch model rockets.

So today’s airplane engineering celebration wasn’t just the end of a year’s hard work.

It was also the beginning of something bigger.


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