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Gordon School

Admission philosophy

Gordon’s admission committee strives to have gender balance in each class, maintain cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity among the student body and enroll families who understand and embrace the mission of the school.

The Gordon School seeks to enroll students who:

demonstrate curiosity, creativity and a commitment to learning;

share the values necessary for building a strong and diverse community;

exhibit the ability, or the strong potential, to work at or above grade level across all academic subject areas, including language arts, science and math;

are engaged learners, thoughtful questioners, and innovative thinkers;

communicate well with adults and their peers;

possess an age-appropriate level of social and emotional development;

exhibit empathy for others and care for the world around them.

The admission committee includes members of the faculty, the Director of Admission and the Associate Director of Admission. The decision process each year is similar to putting together a large, complex puzzle. The solution is determined by many factors including the academic, social, and emotional development of each student and the number of student spaces available in each grade.

The best advice for families who feel that Gordon would be a great fit for their child is this: come for a visit and submit your application. Ask questions. Discern with both your head and your heart. Although admission to Gordon is competitive, the best way to know if it will work for your child and your family is to engage in the process.

Should you have any further questions about the admission philosophy or decision-making process, please do not hesitate to contact the admission team at 401-434-3833 or




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