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How to be an excellent teacher

Third graders' advice to graduate students
Thursday, May 12, 2011
The first year of the Teacher Residency Program ends next week.
Things that every third grade teacher should know, by Mrs. Colt's class for their teacher resident Mrs. Streisand

Third graders don't like it when you say too many details at once.
Third graders don't like it when you are too nice.
The six participants worked in Gordon classrooms as they earned their master's degrees in education.

Third graders like it when teachers know how to calm them.
A wonderful teacher helps every student.
A wonderful teacher is strict, but kind.
The graduate students were in the classrooms to learn from Gordon faculty, and from the students.

A great teacher doesn't try to be that fantastic teacher who students are bragging about, like we got to have a party with cookies and ice cream etc.
Third graders get pretty moody.
Third graders also like to celebrate birthdays.
It was a powerful experience for the Gordon faculty members.

Include a little Spanish in each class.
Teachers should encourage kids to work hard.
Third graders like to take care of themselves but not so much that you can't help them in math.
The Gordon students took their roles seriously.
Third graders like when you know which third graders are friends, and try to help if they aren't.
Third graders like to try their best.

Third graders like math packets.
As full time third grade Gordon students, they know a few things about learning.
Third graders like hard and easy homework.
Never ever treat third graders like babies. It makes them feel powerless.
A wonderful teacher is someone who is forgiving.
They've learned a few things about excellent teaching, too.
A wonderful teacher is playful.

Play music during math, sometimes.
Third graders like to explain things.
Third graders need a break. Let them run across a field.


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