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Physical education, health and wellness    

Students in Nursery through eighth grade participate in physical education classes that encourage students to explore and expand their physical capabilities and skills. The Nelson Field House features a regulation-size basketball court with adjustable hoops for all ages and abilities, and can accommodate three badminton courts and two volleyball courts. The Engle Family Athletic Field provides space for several classes to occur side-by-side, and the remainder of Gordon’s 12-acre campus can also be used.

Throughout the physical education program, the values of team play, self-esteem, physical exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are emphasized. The optional after-school competitive sports program for Middle School students includes field hockey, soccer, cross-country running, basketball, tennis and lacrosse. Students graduate with an understanding of sportsmanship, teamwork and competition, and are prepared to compete at the high school level. 

What is health and wellness?    
Wellness, as defined by the National Institute of Wellness, is the process of becoming aware and making choices towards a more successful existence. This definition of wellness anchors and guides Gordon School’s physical education, health, and newly instituted digital literacy & citizenship curriculum (adapted from Common Sense Media).  
In middle school health classes, the “wellness wheel,” a visual model identifying six interconnected dimensions of personal wellness (social, emotional, physical,environmental, spiritual, and intellectual), is used to establish common vocabulary among students and new, expanded ways of looking at both personal well-being and societal health issues. 
Physical education at Gordon    
Not your "old school" gym class
Through careful planning and attention to cognitive, affective, and psychomotor processes that promote self-exploration, self-responsibility, self-expression, intrinsic motivation, and inclusion, physical education classes become a rich environment in which students are empowered to shape their experience with physical activity.

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