Education with impactNursery through eighth grade
Gordon School
Beyond the classroom

After school programs

Current options at a glance

Gators and YAP
all ages 
daily until 5:30pm 
read carefully for discount opportunities
options covering all ages 
spring enrichments begin March 26th

Spring athletics 
fifth to eighth grade 
Lacrosse, track and field, baseball
Monday to Thursday beginning March 26th
details and forms at
Middle School
Monday to Thursday
auditions and rehearsals begin the first week in March
performancesthe second week of May
parents should get onto Ms. Romanzi’s email list by writing
Lower School Common Ground 
for students of color in Young Kindergarten to fourth grade
Homework Lab
third to eighth grades Monday to Thursday
3:30-4:30pm through June 1st
Music lessons
available at Gordon
arrange directly with the teacher
second semester began in January
Math club
Math club is full for this year!
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